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Welcome to “A Paranormal Care To Share Blog!”

Throughout my life I have experienced several paranormal experiences and finally decided to write a book about them.  The book is titled “Paranormal.”  I’ve created this blog to share some of my experiences as well as to hopefully encourage others to do the same.  I am sharing my paranormal experiences to serve as a personal testimony to the fact that a very real and active spiritual realm does exist in this world.

I hope you enjoy the following blog post “Poppy The Ghost Watcher-Location: Dublin, California.”   I look forward to reading  about your special paranormal encounters and thank you in advance for sharing.

Paranormal cartoon

Poppy the Ghost Watcher

Location: Dublin, California

Paranormal-Poppy Staring at Spirit Orbs

After moving to Dublin, CA, in 2006, several strange and unexplainable occurrences began to happen in our new apartment.  Soon after settling in, our dog Poppy started acting strangely.  Poppy was a gold and white Papillion who we adopted from the SPCA in San Francisco.  He was a wonderful addition to our family and loved dearly.  Although Poppy was small he never was much of a lap dog.  If I tried to put him on my lap he would immediately jump off within five seconds.  So, we learned to respect his preference of being appreciated on the floor.  However, after moving into our new home, Poppy started leaping up and scratching at my legs begging to be picked up.  After picking him up, he would literally snake up my arm and go around my neck as though he was trying to hide.  It was the weirdest experience to suddenly have Poppy go from refusing to sit on my lap to burying himself into my hair while clinging to my neck.  At first, I thought the odd behavior might because he was adjusting to a new home but that viewpoint would soon change.

Then one day while getting ready to take Poppy for a walk, I noticed that there was a large knot tied right in the middle of his leash.  At first, I thought the leash got tangled.  However, upon closer inspection, I could see that it was not a typical tangled knot since it contained several complicated twists and turns.  I immediately suspected that either my husband or daughter was trying to play a prank on me.  I marched into the living room and asked which one of them had tied the knot into the leash.  They both denied having anything to do with it.  I just stared at them in disbelief and returned to remove the knot. It became more difficult than expected because of the multi-knot pattern.  Later, I discovered this type of knot was named “infinity.”   The infinity knot has many symbolic meanings but the one that stood out to me was “no beginning or end.”   I began to suspect that its mysterious appearance was being used as a method to deliver a message from the spirit realm.

As the days went by, Poppy continued to exhibit strange and nervous behavior.  Upon my entering the apartment, Poppy would rush over panting as though he had just run a marathon and then proceed to claw my leg to be picked up.  After picking him up and calming him, I turned to get his leash to take him for a walk and saw that the infinity knot was once again tied perfectly right in the middle of the leash.  As soon as my husband and daughter returned home, I demanded a confession about one of them being responsible for the knot.  I thought for sure that they were playing a prank on me especially since I had disclosed to them my suspicions of supernatural activity.  Again, they both denied having anything to do with the knot.

By now it was apparent that they were getting annoyed by my continual accusations since they had nothing to do with the knot.  The confirmation of their innocence came when I saw my first paranormal experience in this home.  It happened while in the bathroom brushing my hair.  I sensed something in the room and looked down at a bottle sitting on the counter.  I had used the bottle neck to hold several hair bands.  Suddenly the top hair band lifted up slowly on one side and started going up and down on its own in a fan-like motion.  There was absolutely no reason for this to be happening since the window was closed and the air conditioner was off.  I hadn’t touched the bottle or hair bands prior to this happening.  It was nothing less than a supernatural event.  Fortunately, I wasn’t scared since throughout my life I had experienced paranormal occurrences.  I was actually relieved to have witnessed this paranormal experience since it helped to explain Poppy’s erratic behavior and the infinity knot in the leash.  The paranormal activity started to increase with several other incidences; such as, capturing apparitions on camera, the bedroom becoming so cold that I could see my breath even though it was warm outside and being awoken in the middle of the night from being roughly pushed.

Although, there was no doubt that Poppy would be happy when we finally moved from Dublin, neither one of us knew what would be waiting for us at the next three places to be called home.  The paranormal experiences became extreme as revealed by the photos in the book “Paranormal.”   In the end the title “Poppy The Ghost Watcher” was rightfully earned by him as evident in photos where he became the object of interest by many spirits.

And who knows, if you happen to find your pet randomly staring into a corner of a room, you might just have your own ghost watcher letting you know you have a visitor.

 About the author:

JG Voss - Author JG Voss lives in New York, with her husband and youngest daughter.  Her husband has become a believer after seeing a photo of ghostly passengers sitting in his car on a day he drove to work. Both JG and her eldest daughter, who resides in Berkeley, CA, continue to share and support each other’s connection to the spiritual realm.  JG is the author of the newly released non-fiction book “Paranormal” that reveals details of  her personal paranormal encounters.  The book also contains  fifty paranormal photos that were taken in various homes JG has lived in within the past decade.




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